Into The Woods: Movie Review

Into the Woods. Into the Woods... Into...the...Woods... Yeah...................
Well see, I think I went into the movie with a completely different outlook. Number one, I did not expect to go to a Broadway play in an AMC Theater.
Sorry, Wrong Approach.
There was A LOT of singing in this movie. The first hour and forty-five minutes were songs. Nothing but songs. All songs. I mean if I was expecting this, it may not have bothered me so much. But I wasn't and it did. K, so that was the only down fall.

This movie was based around all the fairy tales. Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Bean Stalk, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and another I may be failing to mention.
Let's start with Red, all of that story was same save the huntsman.
Instead it was the guy whose dad played this witch and stole her beans and got them cursed and unfortunately the guy wanted a baby but couldn't have a baby because clearly the witch had cursed him. And in order to have the baby, him and his wife had to get a red cape, gold shoe, milk colored cow, and hair the color of corn. Oh, and the guys name was The Baker. Why, because he owned a bakery.
Cinderella, I couldn't wait to talk about her. So all the same 'cept with diff dress, diff shoes, diff ball. Instead of one night, she got three to dance with the prince and run away from the prince. She got the prince and moved in with the prince,and moved away from the prince. The prince had a kissy affair with the baker's wife who happened to die shortly after they had this kissy affair (And after they had the baby). And Cinderella happened to find out Princes are like basketball players. How did she find out you may ask...wait for it...the birds told her. Yeah, they did.
Jack, everything about his story was the same. Stole the coins, stole the hen, stole the harp, cut down the bean stalk, giant fell and died. But then his mommy died and Jack was sad, but it didn't last long.
Rapunzel Rapunzel, Let down your long corn colored hair. Rapunzel was the prettiest person in this entire movie. Not sure who this girl is but I am begging when they make Burdened into a movie that they cast her as Tracey. PLEASE do that! Story was like the tale. Everything was same for her story. But oddly enough some how or another Cinderella and Rapunzel happened to be engaged to the two princes at the same time. 
The movie had a good twist, like the prince's affair. Like Anna Kendricks constantly running from the prince then the prince putting sticky stuff on the stairs to catch her - but she still got away. I thought that was funny. 
Pretty much, this movie was incredibly long and incredibly boring. 
I give credit to the fact that I was in a theater with a bunch of small children and throughout this two and half hour movie. Each child stayed fully attentive, there was no crying or talking. Two Thumbs up for keeping the kids entertained.
All in all, I give three out of five stars. This movie was not for me. The actors were something to look forward to. 


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