Advance R&R Requests for Inflicted (ABN Book 3)

Requests Closed

Inflicted will be releasing March 11, 2015! (Just a few short months away!) Aren't we all so excited to read what happens to Tracey and Nathan. Olar and Lana... Oh and get this intro to this Laine character I've been talking about (whoever he is...right). Some will love him...some will hate him...
I know I'm excited!!
So what I want to do is set up advance request for an read and review of book 3.The ARCs will be distributed some weeks prior to release date. R&R on your own time.
Books 3 and 4, unfortunately, will not be on an request form or somewhere they can be read free like you may have seen 1 and 2. So if you're looking for a free read of the final two books of ABN look out for these posts!! They're your chance!

No strings attached.
Email me: name, email address and what format you'd like(epub or mobi). PEIRI862@GMAIL.COM or comment anywhere you see this post, or retweet and I'll IM you, or message me on GR or FB.
I am not a stalking author, I won't use your email to spam you or send things to you you didn't ask for. Believe me, I hate it when people do it to me and I'd prefer to treat people, blogger, readers, and everyone else in the world how I'd like to be treated. (I may thank you or something, but that's the most). You all often see how I rant about authors behaving badly. I'm a good author promise *Halo*

E.N.B I already got you down for your mobi copy! *smiles*

(Burdened Book 1 and Tainted Book 2 of ABN will be available for R&R for just a short while longer. Get your requests in soon.)

Happy Reading!!


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