I'm Peiri Ann

Hey, Peiri (Perry) Ann here giving a personal "Hello!"

Besides writing long romance novels with steamy scenes and excessive kissing. I love reading books of all genres with the exception of historical fiction and non-fiction. I love watching movies at home and at the show (by myself or with company) and then checking out box office mojo. I hate chocolate it's disgusting to me. But I love peanut butter. I think Jesus Rocks! And I hate bugs, insects, spiders, worms, and sometimes annoying humans. I love music! No matter what I'm doing - music is always on.

I enjoy exercising and staying fit, but I don't eat healthy all the time. I love tattoos and I'm a fan of people with piercing all over their faces (I stare, but people say that's rude). I am obsessed with sunsets (those that have a purple hue and are sometimes a burning orange), fashion (clothes and shoes), warm weather (74 degrees +), and hot guys (with amazing bodies).
Yes, I am a paranormal freak. Besides werewolves, vampires, and my obsession with Sephlems. I am also a fan of aliens, zombies, illegally attractive humans, and dragons (depending on the story).
Dirt bikes, sky diving, rock climbing, race tracks (buses,cars, motorcycles), storms, the human brain, and the concept of love interests me.
When I'm not writing, looking at blogs, checking out box office mojo, exercising, reading, seeing new movies, or trying to understand the human brain. I'm spending an abundant amount of time with my daughter. 

I love to talk about everything with everyone and sometimes I might use sentences with vulgarities but it's not insulting (not all the time). I created this blog to share my love, thoughts, and opinions of new & old movies, and book. (Like, what author doesn't like to talk about books). Thanks for stopping by! ;)
Love Life's Loves and Life Loves You! 

I love to be stalked. 
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For more private / personal inquiries, questions, or anything else that you don't want the world to see. I can be contacted via email at reachme@peiriann.com or visit my web page at the page www.peiriann.com.


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