The Equalizer

I was supposed to post this last week. I forgot...
I went and saw this movie the Saturday after the Friday it came out. Here what I thought.

Where to start...? 
This movie was interesting, full of action, full of blood egh, full of...killing (there was a lot of killing), full of vulgarities. (I was okay with that), full of mischievous acts. All in all it was really predictable. And I admit, I went into this movie under the assumption that it would be predictable.

So, it seems we have a  character here that was an "ex" of something. Timing execution, fighting skills, mind set, loneliness...etc. Maybe CIA agent, spy, something trained by the government and whatever it was, in order for him to get out he needed to fake his own death.
But this night Knight, superhero, protector... Guess what, HE READS BOOKS!!! Squeals. A knight in shining armor, who stays behind the scenes when he helps people actually reads books. Nice books at that. 
With that being said, there isn't anything else to say. Dude rules, he wins, gets his man. I think the movie was made to be predictable because, I mean, when has Denzel been in a movie and didn't win (when he plays the good guy)

Wait, wait, wait. I lied. There was an unexpected part.
This part right here >.
(Spoiler) So this chick, in the blue, she is a hooker right. she knows this other chick who happened to get beat up by her pimp. The pimp and his entourage happened to get killed by Denzel's character-this is what kicks off the movie. (Long story short.) Okay, so the dude in the vest, he asks her if she knew him. Girl in the blue tells him no. (She lied, duh) He finds out she lied. Now, I knew he was going to kill her. "Yeah, of course." But then they made it seem like he wasn't. Long story short, he kills her. By that picture I bet you think he did one of the snap your neck type kill moves. Yeah, I thought that was going to happen too. But Nope, SURPRISE! He ends up chocking the life out of this girl...after he offered her a glass of water. SMH

The picture above (Denzel and the other guy sitting at the table) that was a pretty good scene too. I actually think it was the best scene of the entire movie. (Mind you, they are only sitting at the table...talking)

My review. Two thumbs up for actions. The bad guys were a little demonic, the tatts were crazy
Check that out 

Um, I would have preferred to stay home and wright a book. Not saying it was a bad movie. Because it wasn't. But to spend $11 on it (Just because it was a Saturday), when I could have saw it for $5 on a weekday. It wasn't worth to me. Out of five stars, ee, three. not to bad.
I'd still say go see it if it is your kind of movie. 

If you saw it, let me know what you thought about it below. Add your thoughts to me review.!!


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