Dracula Untold

Yep Loved it!

I could just leave those three words for this post and it will cover my exact feeling for this movie. But I have sooo much to say.

For starters. People were saying this movie wasn't all that great. IDK what movie they saw in replace of the movie I saw today. But the Dracula Untold that I experienced in the AMC Theater was freaking awesome. I was totally glued to this movie from beginning to end. No, that's a lie. But mostly I was totally glued to this movie.

Let's start off with the romance. Two romantic parts stood out to me between beauty and the best. (I named them that, and you will soon find out why). Number one: She found out what her mate was, found out he gave his soul to the devil (Pretty much) AND SHE STILL EXCEPTED HIM. Yes, of course his reason for doing so played a part. But I have seen too many movies were a woman doesn't stand behind their man and that grinds my gears. OMG if you love him/her, nothing, NOTHING, regardless if he's man or beast should change that. Number two: This amazing part when Dracula was going off after his people he put everything on the line to protect turned on him. He was blowing up ready to go total vamp on these disgrace of followers (or whatever you call the people that follow their King).
Anyway, so he was turned into the super hulk (the beast.) and the beauty (his wife) stepped in, and with a simple touch to his chest, and caring words he calmed down. Brought him back to reality to burden the beast with good. "This isn't you." she uttered. He breathed out his anger agreeing. Resulting in the people not getting slaughtered.
Okay I know I said there were two, but I am going to throw in a half of a scene. Make it 2 1/2.
He fed off her. I can't give away much because I don't want to spoil it. but that's it. That scene alone sent me over the edge for the romantic feel of the movie.


I am a swoon for action. And I have the hots for a one man army. Something about ONE man battling more than three guys by himself does something to me. This movie had me in love with Dracula only because, this man not only fought like six guys (I think) without super powers or enhanced abilities (for a better choice of words) but with them, he took out a total army of a thousand men. SEXY AS SH!T.
I believe this movie totaled maybe six fight/battle scenes, of course I could be wrong. Could have been more.

Moving on... Supernatural element.
Yep, there was some of that, besides the Vampire concept. Let me say, I was totally over vampires and werewolves, right. And don't get me wrong, even after seeing this movie I still am. But... This movie made me remember what it was I loved about them. I also loved how they made a monster into a loving man who was already a monster.

All in all. 5 out of 5 stars. This movie gave me what I wanted, where I wanted. And a little more than I expected. I definitely recommend going to see this movie. Between staying home writing a book and going to see this move. I definitely preferred seeing this movie.


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