The Maze Runner (Dylan O'Brien)

Okay, I just got home from seeing this movie.
YES! YES! YES! Awesome movie! So much unexpected!
I never read the book, and I'm not saying that the movie moved me to read the book, because honestly it didn't. a movie it was awesome!
All the actors were great, the plot was amazing, the ending was phenomenal, and I just feel that I am in for a twist that will blow my mind if I follow the series. I think it's four books total...?

From there I move on to the main character, Thomas. Most of us know him as Stiles. But to the world he's Dylan O'Brien.

Dylan, let me to you. I knew you were awesome, okay... But I didn't know you were this freaking awesome. I've seen you in a few movies not to mention MTV's Teenwolf television series. But in this movie The Maze Runner. Your acting was freaking outstanding! Not once did I relay you to any of the characters I've seen you play. Not once did you take my mind of THOMAS, the new runner in this new world that he doesn't remember playing a part in. You had me gripping the arm rest and, tapping my foot, and my leg wouldn't stop jumping. My opinion may not matter much. But two thumbs                                                    up to you buddy! Great freaking job! Can't wait to see you in the others. 

IDK where this movie came out on 2/14/2014, but our release was 09/19/14

With that being said, I'd do a quick overview but I'd assume most of you are going to see it or have seen it. (Briefly) Don't get me wrong the point of the movie is predictable, boy gets dropped in an unknown place, boy is curious and want's to get out, boy sees people who get out (runners), boy wants to be a runner, boy runs-comes back-runs again, boy bands with other boys and they get out, boy just might be insert of a bigger plan where boy was supposed to get the others out of the maze purposely. (That's my guess anyway, and that's not the predictable part, i just picked up on it.)

There was no romance in this amazing YA voyage. However, there was death, a lot of death. (Liked that) There was betrayal. (Loved that) There was a deep mystery that kept my eyes glued to the screen at some points. (Which is always good) And I just love Dylan O'Brien. He is so cute!

Any who... GO SEE THIS! Great movie, good job writers, directors, actors and other important people involved. 

4/5 Stars for this movie as a whole. 2 Thumbs up for action and unexpected twist.
Oh, and I'd like to add, the first trailer did this movie no justice. The second, which is the one below, did a little. But what moved me to want to see this movie was Dylan. If he wasn't in it, I probably would have stayed at home and finished writing a book or something. 



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