Playing the Toothfairy

I was privileged to play the toothfairy for the first time ever in my life. My five year old lost her first tooth and was incredibly excited exclaiming the Toothfairy was going to visit her and give her $1.25.
So I gave her the instruction to put the tooth under her pillow. And while she slept I played the Toothfairy. 
She woke up this morning yelling excitedly "Mommy, Mommy, the Toothfairy came. She actually came and she took my tooth. But she left moneys under my pillow. This is amazing!"
I was still alseep, as she wakes up at he butt crack of dawn. And was jumping in top of me showing me her one dollar and a quarter.
I was so happy she was happy and so flabbergasted that the toothfairy actually came while she was asleep.  
I have to admit it was amazing. 

Enjoy being the toothfairy while you can. I have the rest of her mouth to go. 


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