Author Confessions #2

So, I have been blog viewing and coming across some mind boggling things. And some of those "bind boggling" things pissed-me-off.
Like, with authors. Okay, so, many, many, many blogs will not accept review requests from self-pub authors. At first, a while ago, I couldn't understand. But then after linking up with a few bloggers and getting more insight. I discovered it's the conflabbit (self pub) author's fault. 
Authors behaving badly? "Nooo" 
Authors getting upset, contacting the bloggers/reviewers about their (the reviewers) own OPINIONS of the author's books. Bashing the reviewer and their blogs and accusing them of criticizing their work. Like, Really!!
You cannot be serious! Are we not all supposed to be "Professional" adults. 

Personally, as an author, I honestly do not expect everyone to like my work. Yes, I love, and yes, I hope everyone loves it. But, this is not Peiri Ann's world and everything doesn't revolve around me like the moon does the earth. 
Everyone is welcome to feel the way they want and have their own opinion and voice it. Hell, it's their blog to say whatever the hell they want to say about your book - that you reached out to them to review. If you (the author) don't want a bad review there are two options.

1: Write some shit every reader and non-reader will freaking LOVE. And have absolutely nothing bad to say about it. (Which is pretty freaking impossible because humans are sooo different from each other and everybody doesn't love everything.)

2: Accept the review with your head held high, understanding, just because you think you wrote some amazing shit...everyone else that does not circle around your imaginary bubble does not. 
Thank the reviewer for even taking out the time to read your book, especially if they finished it, and move on. Then, next time, write something better that will appeal to that reviewer. (If you can.)

And note, some bad reviews can attract new readers. I've read many books that had bad reviews and I liked the book (sometimes).

If you don't like my book, I understand. I am subjective to critisim and coming in the door I don't expect everyone to love it. I wrote a book that I would love to read and based off of my reads and comparring my own work (and of course asking a few others to read it) I put it out for the public (who are interested in my genre) to read. Hate it or Love it. That's life... Deal!
Author Confessions.

I was on the blog "All Things Urban Fantasy" Where Para Is Normal. I love it, check it out at
They brought in this post, along with a lot of other great blogger/reviewers. 
Self-pub authors, you guys are making this hard for us. I mean, this like this is bad for business...literally. 

Okay, I'm done being pissed.
Love Life's Loves PA.😘

PS - Go read Burdened by me and love it and review it. If you love it awesome. If you don't awesome, thanks for reading it. 


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