Omg where have I been

I've been, working on promoting Burdenend and preparing a few giveaways for paperbacks and ebooks. Make sure to keep an eye out for those. I'll post them here and link to them in Facebook and Twitter.
I've been, Setting up virtual blog tours for next month. My b-day month (June). I'll post the stops here.
(This describes me perfectly by the way)
I've been, Making plans for my B-day this year outta be fun - 24 - seems like a fun year. 

I've been, Putting some new work in the making. If you've visited my Webpage and checked out books and saw what's to come. Diminish; it's a first in a new series. I finished it, and I love it. I love things paranormal but it is a little less in the 'romance' category. It has a smidgen of romance but more so, genetically altered humans, a secret, another secret, twins, action with guns, bombs, and the military (huh?), and some more crazy shit that makes YA books awesome. Keep an eye out for more info on Diminish this fall. 
While you wait check out Burdened available now.

Love life's loves 


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