Ready to Read Tainted!!!

Okay, so this little birdy popped a squat on my shoulder and told me Tainted will soon be available world wide for readers to read.

So ready to hear you all's thoughts on the second book in A Burdened Novel book series. 
Here's a brief description to what you can look forward to. 

After a devastating confession from Nathan’s sister, Taylor, Tracey and Nathan can’t catch a break. Influenced by Roehl, Tracey fights against the pull he has on her and the love she has for Nathan. Brought a choice of being set free of a bond she finds is not as profound as she interpreted. Or continue to endure the burdens promised by being bound to her mate. Tracey may reconsider her choice in choosing Nathan.

Just as everything finally seems to be looking up, Nathan and Tracey’s world is turned upside down when they embark on a suicide mission to rescue a friend. Old encounters resurface from someone who should have been destroyed long ago and new secrets are uncovered. Secrets that may have Nathan parting from Tracey in order to keep her and his mother safe.

Is Nathan and Tracey’s bond as lasting as originally implied. Or is it breakable, as Tracey is influenced to believe? Or will she stay with Nathan resulting in him conceivably choosing not to be with her.

Continue on this wild paranormal ride (Yes this too is a Mature YA).
I promise there is some things in this novel that will blow your mind, events you never expected to happen, and an ending you wer- 

Add Tainted on Goodreads by clicking this beautiful cover ^ Thank you Deranged Doctor Designs for yet another amazing cover!

Hope you love it! And feel free to leave a review on how you felt, what you thought, and what may or may not have taken you by surprise. 

BTW, there is a giveaway going on, on Goodreads. I am giving away 6 signed copies of Burdened and each copy is coming accompanied with a $10 Amazon Gift Card. (Seriously who doesn't love giveaways) Even if you've read Burdened Go Enter! (I'll Add Link Here When Available By Goodreads)

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Burdened by Peiri Ann


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That's all for now, I'll unburdened you soon. 


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