I can't really say much about this movie without spoiling it. I'll do the best that I can without actually talking about what happened in the movie. 

Dude (Jack Gyllenhaal) totally creepy in this movie. I don't mean, monster creepy or "Nightcrawler" creepy. I mean weird creepy. Which was the point I suppose. To take an average human being, trying to make ends meet by doing what he did in the movie before he became a Nightcrawler. And make us "regular human beings" see him in every human being. (Does that make any sense?) probably not. What I'm getting at is, they gave us another, person and made him creep us out by the way he talked, worked, moved, thought and smiled. Like dude from Silence of the Lambs or that guy from that movie Would You Rather (For those who've seen it)
Any way, so this guy, (I'm sorry I can't remember his name in the movie and I'm too lazy to Google it. But this guy in the movie was a total weirdo, but they made us like him. Until he ultimately demanded this woman to have sex with him as a blackmail (choice of word) to keep her job. Like I thought that was so totally foul. (BTW there was no sex or kissing in this movie, so they didn't totally disgust me by making me watch this woman not want to have sex with him while she had sex with him.)
That was a spoiler...sorry. (But that was also the part about this movie I hated)

"Psycho" used what he had to get what he wanted, Totally respect that. "If you want to win the lottery, you have to make the money to buy a ticket." Right............
Moving on, so psycho over there, totally got obsessed with this new job. He did everything he felt he needed to do to become successful. I totally agree, never give up, give your dreams your all. HOWEVER, there are limits. Limit number one, you DO NOT force a woman to have sex with you. Limit number two, you DO NOT hide evidence from the police (that's so illegal - but whatever). Limit number three, you DO NOT murder off your friend, or partner, or employee, or whatever the guy was. All because he knew how to freaking bargain which is how your psycho ass got by in life. (Sorry about that miniature rant.) And limit number four, you always chase you dreams in understanding your freaking limits.

Without that said, go see it if it moves you. All in all it was entertaining.
Action level -- High
Psycho-sism -- Higher
Heat Level -- None
Deaths -- Um...A lot
Human w/out supernatural powers that can creep you out by smiling -- 1

4 out of 5 stars. I'll see it again the next time it comes on cable. Eh, staying home writing or reading a book verses seeing this movie...? I'd see the movie. (Guess that says a lot) I Ahed, Ooed, and Noed, it kept me on the edge of my seat, eyes glued, and interested. That's what matters.


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