MockingJay (The Movie) and Big Hero 6 (The Movie)

I have fallen drastically behind in my movie  reviews. With that being said MockingJay will share a post with Big Hero 6.

MockingJay was flipping awesome. I've loved all of the Hunger Games movies. I have all three books on Audible and though I bought MockingJay nine months ago and have yet to finish listening to it (for reason of lack of interest) I still think the movie rocked. I am going to go back to Audible to finish the book because I'm curious to know how it ends. (I hate not knowing the ending to a story, or needing to wait for it.) I may have to go and buy the actual book on kindle or something because for some reason that audible lady voice just doesn't do it for me. She got me through Hunger Games and Catching Fire just fine...

Back to the movie. Though I love for movies and books to be spoiled I refrain from spoiling them for others so I will be sure to leave out details for those who have yet to see this amazing movie. 
My first stop in this journey is the tall and devilishly handsome Liam. Seriously who cannot think this guy is hot. While in the show with the million and one chitterbugs (Kids) my show buddy constantly whispered in my ear, "Ah, he's not that hot. he has on make up, Peeta looks better. Yadda Yadda." And I'm like look guy, Liam is hot with red lipstick and long hair, or zombie make-up and no hair (No, he would definitely need hair, and the read lipstick may not look good) but you get my point. Shooting arrows, running and whipping Katniss out of the way from a falling somethings or another. I was seriously fangirling during this movie.

Next stop on our Mockingjay Journey is the action. I love it when things go BOOM. It puts that extra kick in them that gives me that edge gripping feel I look for in entertainment. Yes, Mockingjay, you did that. I was so into this movie at some parts I felt my heart pumping. It was riveting.
I would get into detail and tell my fav parts, but this post is being shared.
Next stop, this scene that I will blast. Katniss kisses Gail after him standing in the kitchen of her old house, remembering him being kissed by her. He mentions this and Katniss of course kisses him. After some talking about him knowing she was going to do it and her not knowing. He says something along the lines of, you only show affection for me when I'm hurting. SILENCE stone SILENCE. He cut Katniss so deep with his next words "Dont worry, it will pass soon" or something like that. OMG I was like "Really Gail, how heartless were those words" but then the traitor part of me was like "Damn Right Gail, how dare she kiss you because she think it will make YOU feel better. You tell her and her kiss they don't matter because they mean nothing." Then I took those words back as I watch Katniss bleed out on the floor when he ripped the knife from her heart as he sauntered from the door. (That really didn't happen they was no knife or bloody Katniss) And of course, good ole Gail, sticks by kissy Katniss side, through it all. Real love or not, and honestly that's what matters. It's true friendship, is that not what we all truly want. Then on the other hand, when you look into Gail's eyes as Katniss shows her affection for him through hugs and kisses and actually see the hurt he displays and trying to STOP loving her. Or thinking she can't feel the same for him what he does for her. I go back to the traitor part of me and say "Damn right, Peeta, chock her, chock her!"
Speaking of... that part scared the crap out of me. Remember I didn't finish the book. I knew he was going to look bad, that I expected. But I was not expecting for him to charge this girl like a freaking zombie. OMG, intense.

Happy Family Movies Always make me smile. I love seeing movies with my daughter because she captures the movie's emotions, feelings, plot, reason, its point and I like listening as she gives me her review.
We laughed, we cried, we cheered, we left. Big Hero 6 was an amazing movie for the old, young, and the in between. So much I was not expecting, I mean some things completely caught me off guard and it could be because I'm not familiar with the comic book, or maybe it was a cartoon, or an older movie. I don't know. But it was an amazing. A cartoon hasn't made me feel this many emotions sense the Lion King 1 and 2. Yep I'm surfing this and Frozen on the same wave. What do you think?

Group Rating:

I am giving both of these movies five out five stars.
Romance level, I'm going zero for both. (Although Mocking Jay showed a hint. THAT is not what we're here for. We are here to rebel against the capital. Not kiss)
Action level, OUT OF THE ROOF for both.
Death, both had this tragedy in them.
When it comes down to if I would have preferred to stay home and write a book, or go see either of these movies. I would most definitely see these movies. And I would see them again, paying for another ticket.

Have you seen either, what did you think about them?


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