Calling Beta Readers??

Happy Wednesday All!!

I am looking for some amazing beta readers who'd like to follow my Burdened Novel series and provide me their thoughts and enjoy another read. You'll be reading the follow up books before their release. Of course if book one 'Burdened' has not yet been read, I'll provide it without you having to purchase it. ( I can't understand authors that ask for someone to read the second or third book in a series but cannot offer the first book as a courtesy SMH). I'd like for the person to be honest and reliable and actually care about what they read. It's not a read to review, well, you'd provide me with your review of course but not everyone else. Constructive criticism is welcome even if you are a blunt person and give it to me straight forward.

Interested about Burdened and if you'd be interested in reading it and the upcoming books in its series. Or being beta reader for this series... Click the Burdened Novel link up there^.
I'm hoping to find three beta readers who are fun and friendly people to know, discuss, and talk to. Provides great feedback and loves reading. I say that because the books in the Burdened Novel series are not 60K - 90K. Burdened is 140k, Tainted (the next in the series) is 125K, Inflicted (the third) is 130K, and Plagued (the final) is 140K. Of course if you are not interested in the first, you may not be interested in the rest.

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