Okay, so I'm going to try to praise this movie without vulgarities.

Lucy (The Movie) was _ _ _ _ _ng amazing. If you are into the whole, science fiction, unlock the secrets to the universe, women in charge thing. It put a twist on drugs and provided an eye opener to man's theory/outlook on the meaning of 'time' and the world in general. I am a fan of anatomy, especially anatomy of the brain, hence the education in psychology. There is a lot of that in this movie and it had me jaw dropped, wide eyed, gawking at the theater screen, consuming all this information that oddly made an abundance of sense to me. (Calling all scientist) Please prove the theory's of this movie, then comment them below... please.  

I'm not into spoilers so I can't give away much...but it was an amazing movie. Round of applause to Luc Besson, the writer and director. (Hey Luc, we should talk!) the thought invested in this movie, the time, the action, the idea, the imagery, the plot, the meaning, it all was phenomenal. I loved it.

Take this, imagine all the paranormal, supernatural sh** (Almost said it) we read and watch...made real. Not by a bite, or a boy/girl with special abilities because he's/she's less than human. This movie was totally human and caused Lucy to change by something some (not most) humans do on average. This movie twisted our supernatural worlds we make up and read up into a blank reality. It kept the main character human and provided her with 'human' abilities because she had the access to them by the unlocking of her brain. Oh my gosh guys, it was genius.  

Something else... One thing I absolutely loved about this movie is the eyes. You all know (if you've read my books)  I have a weird obsession with radiant eye colors, fusing eyes, swirling eyes, animal eyes, cloaked eyes...the list goes on. These eyes... are soooo amazing. 

If you haven't seen it yet, GO SEE IT. Like I said, only if you are into the science fiction, universe unlocking secrets and woman in charge movies. For the romance addicts...there is no romance in this movie. Ok, so there is one tiny kiss. (It wasn't a real kiss)
But out of the action, the theory's, and meaning behind this movie, all of that makes up for it. You do not miss the lack of romance AT ALL.

Enjoy the Trailer. 

Go see this movie. 


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