Moving Movie Fridays: Ghost (1990) and Fault of Our Stars (2014)

Happy Friday!

Moving Movies Fridays. Why? Because it is a life love. I mean, I really have a love for movies - all movies - they should hire me as a critic just so that I can go see all the movies all the time for free. Seriously! Anyway, Moving movie Fridays we'll post movies we've watched during the week, their box office mojo for opening day (I love box office mojo), what we thought of the movie, maybe why we watched, and ask what you think or if you've seen it.

We have two movies for our first Moving Movie Friday - Old and New.

Ghost: 1990 Rated PG 13.
Box Office Mojo - Domestic Total Gross: $217,631,306

Patrick Swayze plays a ghost who teams up with a psychic (played by Whoopi Goldberg) to uncover the truth behind his murder - and rescue his sweetheart (played by Demi Moore) from a similar fate.

The story behind how I came to watch this movie last night at 1:50 am. I was talking to an associate about Titanic (one of my fav movies, it happened to come on Bravo last night), and I was explaining how it was an amazing movie and is meant to make you sad, pissed, and depressed by killing off Jack. Some how or another, we got to talking about sad ass movies that make you cry. He happened to mention this movie "Ghost". (I rarely cry when watching movies. Give me a book, OMG it's like a river on my phone or pages.) I tell him I've never seen, and he goes on to tell how amazing this movie is and assured me it will bring a tear to my eyes, although he refused to tell me what the movie is about. (By the way, I am all about people spoiling movies, books, and endings for me. I hate surprises and I prefer to know what's going to happen.) Anyway, I assured him I'd watch it and have my opinion for him today. Which was perfect for Moving Movies Friday.

The movie was a good movie, romantic, suspenseful, cute, small funny parts and Patrick Swazye is hot (Duh). It did not make me cry or all overly emotional. The part that did get that warm feeling in my chest that made my eyes slightly shake with a tinged burn...was when Sam (Patrick Swayze) possessed Oda Mae Brown's (Whoopi Goldberg) body. And, in a touch, Demi Moore (I can't remember her character's name and I'm too lazy to Google it right now.) could tell it was him touching her. The chemistry and emotion in that moment alone made the movie absolutely amazing. Their closeness and love - you could see and feel between them was extraordinary. Even though it wasn't him, but Whoopi she was touching. "AWE" fucking amazing dude.
I got a few laughs in. I am a fan of betrayal in books and movies, so when I saw his best friend (I assume Carl was his best friend). When I saw that it was Carl who set up Sam to get mugged, resulting in his death. Then plotted against killing Sam's girlfriend. I was like "YEAH, GO CARL! I HOPE YOU FUCKING DIE. YOU DECEITFUL BASTARD!" Not to mention this pessimistic asshole tried to sleep with Demi Moore (Again, this is Sam's chick.) in front of Sam. (Not that he knew Sam was there.) But still, and she kissed him or let him kiss her. This made me so angry. But whatever, it's just a movie.
The movie was long as shit, might I add, and I think it was like 3 in the AM when it finally went off. Overall I like it, the characters were cool, the feeling was nice.

Movie Number Two.
Beware - there is going to be the use of a lot of vulgar language.

Fault of Our Stars: 2014 Rating PG 13
Box Office Mojo - Domestic Total as of Jun. 19, 2014:$90,128,333

Hazel and Gus are two teenagers who share an acerbic wit, a disdain for the conventional, and a love that sweeps them on a journey. Their relationship is all the more miraculous given that Hazel's other constant companion is an oxygen tank, Gus jokes about his prosthetic leg, and they met and fell in love at a cancer support group.

The complete story behind me seeing this heart wrenching, build you up to break your heart, fuck with your head, and kick the shit out of you while you're down movie...was because I read the book. Might I had the book was good. 
HOWEVER, the book did not have me nearly as emotional as this damn movie did. I mean what's fucked about it is I knew what was going to happen. I knew what the shit to expect. I knew every freaking word, every freaking scene, and freaking metaphor. least, I thought I did. 
I thought I knew how they felt. I thought I knew what he looked like when she said this, or what she looked like when he said that. I thought I knew the emotions she felt when they went to his pre-funeral and read his eulogy. I thought I understood the love they felt, the emotions they held, the kiss they shared. But nope, I was wrong. I was especially wrong when he read her eulogy - "sigh, dropping my head in a bow" that shit was amazingly lifting and heart breaking at the same time. I went to bed crying and woke up crying. It was horrible. 
In my own opinion the movie was better than the book. I don't need to explain what happened in the movie, I mean, we all pretty much know. But yeah, because I watched this movie this week it landed with our Moving Movie Friday. And yes, it was very fucking moving. Ok... Ok...

BTW, I'm still fucking depressed a day later. I'm going to go read a book. TTYL


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