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Good Early Morning,

Soo, I also love reading books. Not as much as I love writing them but... a lot. I'm curious to know what everyone else is reading or the types of book everyone like to read and what they like to read about. It will help me gather book and other things of interest for giveaways and other amazing idea (to get your interest) I will but to together.

Kicking it off- So I'm currently reading Ruined by Jus Accardo,
working my way into reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth,

and anticipating reading Falling Into You by Jasinda Wilder
For this book I saw a book trailer for it and it attracted me. I usually like to read book with weird paranormal, out of the ordinary shit going on (You know vamps, demons, werewolves, wizards, people being killed with out touching them. Even children killing children, mindless zombies eating people, and maybe a little world domination.) any way this fit into none of those categories but when I read that a girl falls in the with her dead boyfriend's brother -- I was WHAT?! SERIOUSLY!? (great place for one of those pic clips) Adding that to my weirdness category. 
By the way. Whoever created that book trailer for this book on YouTube did a pretty awesome job. Two thumb up. (Another good place for a pic clip)

What are you reading?
And what are some great books that you've read?
Any books that you've read over and over either out of bordum or because you can't get that book off your mind (that has happened to me)????? 


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