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Sorry there haven't been any posts. I've been occupied and enraptured with putting the scenes that play in my mind in writing for the third book in A Burdened Novel. And it has taken up my time -  and I let it - because I love it. Writing is an amazing stress reliever! 

However I think two weeks ago I finished reading Insurgent and I forgot to update that. It was intriguing it definitely made me want to read the third book but only when I got to the ending. As you all know I'm not a book spoiler so I'll just say it had great scenes that kept me in the edge of my seat, and most things were not predictable. 

I'm feeling mixed about Allegiant because of all the mixed reviews. Some good others say noooo. But because bad reviews make me curious for a popular book ill be reading it anyway. 

Right now I'm trying to get into Fall Into You. The third book I said I'll be reading in a previous post. Umm yea, trying to get into it. 
Anyone read it before? What's your thoughts? 


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