Love For Music

Day number 3 for "Sucker For Love". We are expressing our love for music. To write a song it takes emotion. To sing it takes more. And when you listen to it, it takes you to another zone. Music to me while reading is like the whip cream on top of my shake.
                                                                      Love for Music

Today I'm rocking out to Awolnation Sail 

Amazing song that helps clear my head no matter what I'm doing. 
Comment your song of the day!

We listen to love songs that piss us off. They make us remember what was lost or makes us indulge in what we have. Either way they fill us with a feeling that was forgot or that we can't get rid of. Yet we cling to it, sing to it, and lean on it for comfort. Our love for "music", "love", and "books" invites us to take our passions and fuse them together.
For Burdened -book (a romance novel - love) my connection song it Demons By Imagine Dragons - music. 

What's your book's connection song? The song that comes to mind as you read it.
The world around me no longer exist as the music takes over and indulge into the life of the character I'm reading about. 


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