Love for Love

So here is day number 2 for "Sucker For Love". Just to go along with VDay this Friday. I can't be a romance novelist and not show love to the day that expresses what we all read about and some write about. Rather it be novels, short stories, or poetry. And for most, whose lives a based around.  

                      Love for Love

**Though it hurts, it heals. Though it takes away, it too replaces. Though it can tense, it can also relax.** 

When your heart screams out listen. It's love for you is stronger than your love for yourself. Without it you have nothing so make sure the person you give it to will replace it with theirs. Or have theirs beat for the both of you. (Like Nathan and Tracey)  

This pic was amazing to me. It's every where, they say it finds you in places you least expect. 


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