Burdened is Available in all is glorious readery (That's not a word...I made it up)
Burdened Pulled For Repub

I need to explain why I pulled / unpublished Burdened: A Burdened Novel.

My original pub date was 12/28 for Burdened. I decided that I wanted to pull it because what is great can always better. I need and want my work to be critiqued so I'm putting it through a few more "Make Me Perfect" procedures. In so many words. Critiques have been enforced and has made Burdened for a better read. I LLOOVVEE my editor. In my own review, comparing to what Burdened what to what it is now. Stinky Poo to Golden Good smelling Poo. LOL

We (The Authors) all think what we have is our best, but what I've learned during this process is that, all that we do is based around you all (The Readers) perception. (And me being a reader as well equally agree with that) So what I want is what YOU ALL think is the best. What YOU ALL feel is perfection. 

Burdened is my first novel. My first work that I want to be read by the public eye. Others, I have kept wrapped in a box with a ribbon that only close family and friends have seen. 

As many authors feel "their work is the best work". I too, am proud of Burdened, a paranormal romance that's unexpectedly different from your every day love story. However, I didn't feel that it was the best it could be yet. The best can always be better. I alone and maybe a few biased friends cannot determine Burdened's adequacy. Of course we are going to think it is "The Best Shit Ever!!" right??
But... even though our opinions matter,yours are MORE important to ME as the author that wants to continue writing about the Sexy Tracey Warren and the Gorgeous Nathan Newcomb. 

The new release date for Burdened will be April 26. I now referrer to my new love (Burdened) as perfection in the making MADE. So...with that being said. Now that I have probably wasted like 3 minutes of your precious reading time. 'What Is Will Be Better Than What Was'. And I hope that I and Burdened will live up to all of your expectations and my love will turn into your love. 

I will still be posting things on here, Facebook, and Tumblr like quotes, pics, and updates about Burdened to increase awareness. 
Trying to self-pub is very exhausting and requires a lot attention and hard work. But when you want something, you can't just wish for it... You have to work for it and fight for it. And with the help of my Life's Loves (You All) and an amazing marketing team (that is better with social networking than I am) by the release date more will know about Burdened and too, get en-wrapped in A Burdened Novel.

*Love Life's Loves*


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