Book Interest: John Locke - Promise You Won't Tell

I started reading this book a few days back. So far so good. I must say that I have died of laughter and came back just within the first 5 - 6 chapters. I'm not sure if some of the things I laughed at were supposed to be funny but it's very humorous. I'm just dropping in into this series with this second novel of the A Deal Ripper series. I didn't read book one so of course I have no idea who these people are. However, the author makes it easy to catch on. I read straight through until chapter 8. I didn't stop for any particular reason, because it did become pretty interesting when Riley comes in. 
I have no idea what direction this is going to go and I'm extremely curious to find out. I know...the obvious thing to do is finish the book...which I will and I'll update my review later. 

BTW, I got this book free on Amazon. Which was a few months ago. And it's still free!


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