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I wanted to wait and give this Album "Goddess" time to settle into my IPhone before I wrote about it. There is no settling. I love this freaking album. I mean, I love every song. I do have a few that are my favs but for me to come across an artist who I can listen to their tracks straight through without wanting to skip over songs says a lot.
Adding Banks to my favorite musicians list. Her and Sam Smith are battling right now.

I got the deluxe Version of her Album GODDESS.
Parental advisory on this.

Before I get into the tracks and some of my fav songs, let me point out one major reason why I love her. First of all, her voice is amazing, second she uses my fav vulgarities (F-bomb S-bomb etc.) in multiple lyrics of her hottest songs. 

*1. Alibi
2. Goddess
**3. Waiting Game
4. Brain
*5. This Is What It Feels Like
*6. You Should Know Where I’m Coming From
7. Stick
*8. Fuck Em Only We Know
9. Drowning
10. Beggin For Thread
11. Change
*12. Someone New
13. Warm Water
**14. Under The Table
**15. And I Drove You Crazy
**16. Bedroom Wall
17. Fall Over
*18. Before I Ever Met You

The songs with the star are my fav, double star is my absolute fav on the entire album. Of course I'm going to post a vid for it so you can hear it too. 
I totally recommend checking out this artist, listening to her music, and love it, download a few track or the entire album and support Banks, a new artist. (Well she's new to me, but she's been live since 2013)

Waiting Games By Banks from her Album Goddess
Let me briefly go over this video. Before I do; in some earlier post (could have been on Facebook) I said I would have all her songs as my Burdened series soundtrack. (I meant that shit, it's perfect for the entire book series) If you've read Burdened and wondered what Tracey meant when she described Nathan's walk. His "hypnotizing sway." This guy's walk in the beginning of the video has Nathan's walk down packed. Yes, I love the way some guys walk, something about that sway (roll of those strong broad shoulders moving opposite of their steps, strong neck, and sculpted chin) is breath taking. For example, fellow in the video. (Thanks Vevo for the vid)

Then there is Bedroom Wall (Explicit)
This song, so reminds me of Tracey, specifically when she says 
"I know you like acting like you don't care
But I can be distant don't want to be distant anymore
Darling look at me standing here
This is my promise, cross my heart promise, this is all yours
See these feelings are outta control
Talk about losing losing all my shit for you
Cause I've been thinking about thinking about
Putting my body body body on top of you"

More about Banks HerNameIsBanks
Birthday: June 15, 1988 (She shares my b-day month, no wonder she's so awesome)
Labels: Harvest, Good Year, and IAMSOUND
Home Town: Orange County, CA
Debut: 2013
Twitter: @hernameisbanks


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