Tirade Tuesday: Stupidity

This Tuesday's tirade was brought on by a conversation I was having with my cousin. .

SMH, so my cousin calls me every blue moon right. This blue moon she is telling me how her BF broke up with her because she stopped by his house unannounced. Okay, lets break here... I thought that when you have the title as "girlfriend or boyfriend" you have signed the contract stating you have the authority to call, stop by, and make arrangements without permission. 
Okay so he went off about how disrespectful she was for stopping by his house without letting him know first. Now he wasn't doing anything involving another girl (or guy). He was just extremely pissed about her just stopping by. 
And here is the rant. 
Dude must have seriously missed or ignored Relationships for Dummies. Like, you are going to up and go off on this girl for being your girlfriend and just dropping by your house without saying "Hey babe, I'm stopping by." Dude like how petty are you. How heartless are you to break this girls heart by leaving her for something so petty. I mean is it me, did I miss the memo of that being against the girlfriend and boyfriend contract. Stopping by your BF's or GF's house unannounced. Like, that's what humans do. We get up when the fuck we want and say "Hey, I miss my babe. I want to see him now. No, I'm not going to call, I'm going to drop by." We get in our fucking cars drive however long it takes us to get to our destination and ring the door bell, knock, or use the fucking key they provided us. We walk through the door and say "Babe I'm here, lets have immaculate sex and cuddle." (By the way, guys love to cuddle.) Maybe we wont use those words specifically but somewhere along those lines. Anyway, dude is total douche. 

Seriously dude get your shit together and fuck you for dumping my cousin and for being an asshole after she was queen to you. 


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