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Today's Tirade Tuesday

I absolutely hate when I go into a store, a restaurant, any type of establishment and am not greeted.
It is one of the biggest pet peeve I have. What comes with saying "Hi" or "Hello" or "Welcome" to where ever the hell I walked into.
Like, I'm not asking you to smile, I probably don't see you anyway (from looking for whatever I walked into the store for). But a nice loud greeting will be sufficient.

Why am I ranting about this?

I happily walked me and my card of cash into Ulta today out here in Chicago on Roosevelt. My and a friend walked in to silence save the music playing on the speakers and other consumers who wanted to by Ulta's goodness. I'm thinking, at first, I may have not heard them, too focused on other things. I was wrong , I walked past at least five Ulta employees who were not smiling didn't say 'hello, can I help you find something, would you like to try X, how are things, we have new product of Y.' NOTHING!
I had a bag full of Smashbox, Urban Decay, and H2O goodies. (Restocking my cosmetics). When I had to look for someone to help me find this specific lip-gloss I quit and put everything back. I couldn't deal.
After I started putting my shit back, here comes this 'now' happy employee asking 'Hi, can I help you find something?'
My response was 'No thank you.' And I went on to explain to why. I was pleasant and didn't come off as an irritated bitch. Although I was boiling on the inside.

My friend bought her stuff. I just couldn't bring myself to give their store my golden funds that I've worked hard for.
That's probably petty of me, but I feel presentation of your employees makes the company. Saying hello is not going to kill your perfectly colored lips (I don't now if their lips were colorful).

I visited another Ulta and was greeted upon walking in - before I could get in the door good enough. I engaged with this girl (an employee) about lip-gloss colors and O.P.I nail colors and interesting names. It was nice and what I am used to when visiting Ulta (a store I shop at all the time).

Ulta on Roosevelt in Chicago - Learn to speak and say hello. You all get a F in customer service, and pleasantry.


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