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I posted nothing all last week. So disrespectful of me. sorry.....
If it counts for anything... (My excuse) Binge writing is a disease that I suffer from periodically. It hits me hard, maybe, once every few weeks. It can only be cured by constant typing and heavy use of imagination. 
And what was accomplished. Edits for Tainted - Book 2 of A Burdened Novel. Coming this winter. 
Plagued - book 4 of A Burdened Novel was mysteriously deleted by my amazingly awesome computer (sarcasm). By the way, my computer almost died because of this. 
It was saved by retrieving only 20K words of like 130K+ words. So, I was rewriting most of that. 
Diminish from The Diminish Trilogy is in full effect. Book 2 and partial of 3 (Abolish and Reconstruct) was completed. I was, like, in a crazy writing mode.  
Creating book Magic!

I am thinking about making August a restrict myself from writing month and only read books I need to catch up on. And movies I still haven't seen like, Godzilla. I still haven't seen it. And in August my baby starts Kindergarten (so excited for her).

More updates to come about Diminish and Tainted. Stay in tune. 


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