Tirade Tuesday: Those little green bastards

Tirade Tuesdays. Why? Because humans always need something to complain and bitch about and well, I'm human.

Warning - there may be A Lot of usage of bad language and things some may find offensive. Sorry in advance if you do. But if there wasn't obscurities and insulting comments it wouldn't be a tirade.**   

My last rant was about incompetent people who feel they need to voice their unasked opinion about other people like they are perfectly structured beings that walk the earth and usually their more fucked up than you are.
This Tuesday I'm going to bring it down a notch and complain about that pesky little green bug that always seem to be everywhere but come from no where (it makes no sense I know) but take this. So you look to your left there's nothing two seconds later you look again and there is that damn green little bastard sitting on the window of your car ON THE INSIDE. This is nothing to people who are lot bothered by creepy crawlers. But for those of us who are. We see this while driving and it's almost a pile up on the expressway. This happened to me today. Instead of panicking after I panicked, logically I rolled down the window. Do you believe that this bastard had the audacity to crawl it's green ass down the window as it rolled down. Once the window was gone it popped a squat right in the crack of the window and the car door where it is impossible to hit with something. 

Stupid ass bugs. I hate bugs. All of them, even butterflies and ladybugs. 


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