That saying.

The other day I was watching Pocahontas without my daughter might I add. (I love that movie)
While John Smith was tied up captured my the natives, Pocahontas came to visit him and she said something along the lines of "I can't be without you" and his respond was "No matter what happens to me, I'll always be with you forever".
Okay so I've seen this move a million times and never put thought into that saying until the others day, finally realizing how much meaning it held and what it really meant -to me if course. 
Like around that saying "I'll never leave you".
So here is my translation of it: Regardless of what happens to me - if they kill me, if I die today. I'll always be with you. Stalking your memories and your dreams, reveling in your thoughts of what we would have had even if I was still alive. (That's the I'll always be with you forever part.)

And I realized just how disturbing that statement is. Then how true it is. Even if we lose someone they do stay with us forever and always. That is some sad shit. Don't stay with me forever because then I'll be sad forever always remembering you and thinking of what would have been. 
Just stay away don't stalk my anything. I think that's why we really don't want people we love to die. Beyond not seeing them or feeling them ever agiain.
But living with their memory seems worse than living without them. 

Live with their memory or live without them. Which would you prefer?


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