Burdened Release

Sooo the wait is finally over...

Today is the day to become unburdened and cuddle up with A Burdened Novel's book I: Burdened. Liam stopped by to intimidate you all in reading it. (The look says "You better read this book") seductive intimidation.

But back to all things Burdened.

Here is a brief Burdened description:
Burdened is a paranormal romance for new adults, it contains strong language and scenes for matured audiences. It is constrained but sexy and fuels ones romantic thrill at the same time possessing you with action, drama, and suspense. It is the first in a series of four called A Burdened Novel.

Burdened is from the perspective of Tracey, who is an eighteen in her senior year of high school. She meets Nathan Newcomb who she can’t help but be attracted to due to his peculiarly attractive appearance but then again she is taken aback by himand his refutation for herWith good reason – seeing as, Nathan lives a life your average girl would not choose to get involved in – better yet – run away from.
But of course, they talk and he tells her he’s into her and that they are meant to be together but he is unfortunately a burdened Sephlem. He guarantees that with him she will not have a happy life. But Tracey chooses to be with him anyway, thinking it can’t be as bad as he lets off.
After choosing him, however, things within his life start to unravel and the dangers Nathan promised her would come from choosing him, starts to present themselves… but not from the ones they expect.

And to add, Burdened does not only give one seducing romance. But two, with the second being an upheaval, when you get a taste of when you are forced into the life of being with a burdened Sephlem like Glen (Tracey’s friend) and Scott (Nathan’s cousin).
When the first person said opposites attract, Glen and Scott were exactly who he or she was referring to. They too were mean to be together but Scott doesn’t give Glen the same choice as Nathan provided Tracey. And we see the difference of being offered the choice of a life with a burdened Sephlem and not.

*Follow the characters of Burdened into a world where things are not always as they seem. And experience a love most would die for and others die because of it.

Burdened, A Burdened Novel By: Peiri Ann is available for purchases on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. And the best part, it's currently $.99  for ebooks.

There are two book trailers for Burdened - check them out.

I hope you all love it!
Love Life's Loves. PA


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