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A late night post. 
Paranormal Reads (a blog I follow) posted an author question on thief Facebook page like 'What is your editing approach'. That's not what the question said verbatim but something in luei of that. 

Anyway  it got me to thinking about mine. Which is: after the writing is complete I do a read through. Then I go line by line word by word. After that I go ending to beginning - reading from the last word to the first. (Sooo boring, editing is, but necessary). Than after that I do another read through beginning to end. Probably reading my work 30+ times and still come across small pointless mistakes becaue my brain plays tricks on me mixing up the lettering in words. After all that I do a two screen rewrite and pretty much rewrite the entire book by looking it at it on one screen and typing it on another. 

Anyway (again) I want to see what other authors / writers and editors do. How many times do you read through your own stories. At what point do you say "it's ready to go off too a professional editor" or do you send it off to a professional editor? (Question in case a few others peek in on my blog and say 'hey, I can answer that'.) Hoping to get some tips. 



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