Burdened Update

Sooo, keeping up with "Burdened" a Paranormal Romance - Mature YA. Book 1 in A Burdened Novel series. Here are a few upcoming events for the upcoming book - release date April 26th, 2014.

*There will be a new book trailer for March. We are going to advertise this book like they do movies. And in case you have not seen Feb's trailer - here it is Burdened's Book Trailer
                         March 6th is the anticipated release date. Check back here for updates.

*In mid April there will be a Burdened - Sneak Peek. It will not be posted on Facebook - Only here. A lot of things we share on Facebook we make a duplicate post here which is usually more detailed. A link may be on Facebook to get here. It may not.
                         Date not available... yet. Check back March 1st for the Sneak Peek date.

*April 1st is Burdened's Cover Reveal. (We might be doing a blog tour - hopefully that words out) If we do of course we will keep you updated and a list of the blogs will be posted here.

Stay in tuned Life's Loves.


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