Burdened: A Burdened Novel Book Trailer

If you cannot see vid from your Mobile device it's also in YouTube here is the link http://youtu.be/8MEiI_O0j5A

Here is Burdened's trailer. Includes synopsis in description, and here. Look below

Tracey Warren has everything an eighteen year old girl should. She lives a life of expectancies; go to school, please her parents, party with friends, and revel in life as a young adult. That is until she experiences an unexpected life changing accident caused by Nathan Newcomb; an illegally attractive yet perplexed guy who has her fumbling over her words and cracking her head on the concrete. In being enthralled by his overwhelming existence, Tracey neglects his promise of death (which never falls short of Nathan) and in ignoring his guarantee, she chooses to give into love over sanity and risks her life for the opportunity of being with him. 
Nathan, knowing the risks gives into this want to have Tracey presuming it may be better to jeopardize their possible ending, than to allow her to endure the pain of his devoid. Nonetheless, with him being a burdened Sephlem, not only are they burdened by their adversaries who will risk everything but the exposure of their existence to see Nathan fall. But Nathan and Tracey come to find that their most sinister enemies lie under their same roof and regrettably share the same bloodline.   

Book 1 (Burdened) Release Date April 26, 2014

For more info about author Peiri Ann and A Burdened Novel series visit blog or Facebook page. PA LLL

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  1. Good luck to you Peiri Ann (:
    I am hopeful that many young people will be enchanted by your book, after all, "The works are reflections of their authors" and you're very talented (:
    Someday I'll have the courage to express myself through books like you (:

    Honestly, Dany (Your first follower / fan)


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